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Siemens PCBFlow

Cloud-based DFM for Printed Circuit Boards


PCBFlow accelerates the design-to-manufacturing handoff by providing a secure environment to which PCB design teams and manufacturers can connect to share and collaborate, instantly delivering designs to production.

This enables designers to rapidly perform a wide range of DFM analyses specific to the process capabilities of a selected manufacturing facility, and manufacturers to quickly perform DFM analysis on their customers’ PCB designs which they will fabricate and assemble. 

PCBFlow also enables DFM analysis during the early stages of the design process, reducing design iterations, costs and time-to-market.

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Design for Manufacturing

Access world-class DFM analysis, no setup required. Use your own DFM rules, and easily upload your designs in ODB++, IPC2581, Gerber274x and many other common CAD formats. PCBFlow merges accurate part geometry to your design, and tests for assembly problems so you can adjust your board before it's assembled.

Smart, Self-Explanatory and Interactive

The DFM report includes critical violation highlights, statistics, and much more. Powered by Siemens Valor solutions, an industry standard for DFM analysis.

Connects Designers and Manufacturers

Performs specific PCB DFM (design for manufacturing) analysis based on the actual process capabilities of a chosen manufacturer. PCBFlow allows designers to review and track updates in the context of design violations, minimizing back-and-forth with manufacturing partners and making it simple to validate and optimize designs.

Strict Security Standards

PCBFlow provides a secure, cloud-based, collaborative environment with no IT investment. Siemens takes information security seriously for the management of cloud environments and product offerings. ISO Certified.

Quick Pricing

Designers and manufacturers can now immediately get an accurate price estimate for the manufacturing and assembly of any design, simply by requesting a QuickPrice within PCBFlow.

Shorter Time to Market

PCBFlow enables you to create mature designs earlier in the design-to-manufacturing handoff process, saving time and cost.

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