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Mavi Yüzey

Siemens Valor BOM Connector

Faster, More Accurate Quoting for PCB Assembly Projects

Create accurate quotations with less time and effort, without needing input from manufacturing process engineers. 

Traditionally, electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies rely on manual activities and Excel macros to quote PCB projects. But, as process engineering solutions continue to advance, you need a more efficient way to verify the design, source components and accurately cost out the project.   

BOM Connector solution from Siemens Digital Industries Software can help you understand and validate your customer’s BOM and link it to parts already available in your ERP system. Using manufacturer, manufacturer part numbers (MPNs), multiple descriptions and custom parameter fields, the software maps the optimum part from the BOM to your ERP system. Through fast on-line search capabilities it helps you get accurate component price and delivery information, enabling you to generate a complete and accurate assembly quote, easily and quickly. 

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Given the small profit margins in electronics assembly, accurate quoting is critical for electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies. However, since design companies generally send out several requests for quote (RFQ) for each project, manufacturers end up providing quotes for many more projects than make it into production. In addition, customers’ bill-of-materials (BOM) file types, formats and content differ, often leading to inaccurate quotes and problems during production runs. Due to the sheer volume, the ability to create accurate quotes quickly, without tying up process engineers, is vital.  

The new BOM Connector software was created to addresses this challenge and reduce the time needed to create accurate quotations for printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies. BOM Connector imports and creates templates for BOM files to output a golden BOM that then connects directly to the manufacturer’s ERP system. When integrated with Valor Process Preparation, it can even ensure consistency with the CAD file that can be used to ensure that all parts are appropriate for the board.  

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BOM Connector also includes online connectivity to component suppliers, making it simple for manufacturers to check pricing and availability in real time. They can see which parts match existing inventory in the ERP system, and which need to be sourced from component suppliers. The system can even connect with credentialed suppliers to conduct automated online searches and queries based on part descriptions and ensure that preferential pricing and deliveries are available. Minimum order discount levels are also available through these interfaces.  

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Mavi Yüzey
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Product Brochure:

Valor BOM Connector Data Sheet

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White Paper:

PCB Quoting & Component Sourcing

BOM Connector from Siemens EDA European Partner of the Year

Siemens EDA (Mentor) -
2020 European Partner of the Year 


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