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VeSys is a suite of wiring and harness design software tools for the demanding requirements of companies where ease-of-use and value are as important as capability. Optimized for rapid deployment and easy installation, VeSys helps users achieve dramatic ROI using powerful yet intuitive functionality. Design and harness tools can be used individually or deployed together allowing wiring design data to flow seamlessly into the associated harness designs to reduce effort and minimize the risk of errors.

  • Rapid, right-first-time, error-free electrical and harness design with numerous validation features including simulation for continuity, voltage drop and current directions and calculations

  • Automated harness engineering for creation of production-ready drawings, BOMs, costings, NC files, and manufacturing reports

  • Integration with 3D CAD systems – model in 3D and engineer the electrical detail with VeSys

  • Designed by engineers, for engineers – intuitive and easy to use, delivered with video tutorials, “how-to” documents, support from an active user community, and online training courses

  • Full data compatibility with companies using Capital® – ideal for partners, suppliers, and subcontractors of OEMs

Electrical Design & Verification.jpg

Electrical Design & Verification

VeSys Design software provides a graphical environment for creating wiring diagrams. Full electrical design authoring is made easy via an intuitive user interface and electrically intelligent symbols. Built-in electrical intelligence automates many design tasks.

Simulation helps designers check and validate their designs as they are created. This eliminates errors faster and earlier in the design process. It also shows voltages and currents, highlighting problem areas such as short circuits and validating wire and fuse sizing.

VeSys automatically generates reports for wires, connectors, and devices used in the design. Diagram index tables and device and wire index tables with full sheet and zone referencing, can be added to the drawings and update automatically as changes are made.

harness design.jpg

Harness Design

VeSys Harness software provides a graphical environment for creating harness and formboard drawings. Its intuitive user interface makes harness design authoring easy. Built-in harness-engineering intelligence automates many design tasks. For example, connector tables are automatically populated as wires are added, terminals selected, and wire tables generated.

VeSys Harness includes a powerful automated parts selector that automatically configures and selects terminals, seals, and wires for each connector, including allowances for add-ons and knock-offs. This speeds the harness design and eliminates the major source of problems found in the traditional design process.

Once a harness is complete, the powerful VeSys Harness reporting capabilities can be used to generate the documentation required for manufacturing. Because the reports are automatically generated directly from the design drawing, fast and accurate information is assured. This can significantly reduce production lead times and prevent manufacturing errors.

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