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Solution Capabilities
Explore the key areas of Opcenter APS Solution
Advanced Constraint Modeling

Model advanced resource constraints and advanced inter-operation constraints including limits on the time between operations and if they can be extended.

Advanced Material Handling

Implement customer specific rules to account for how materials are to be managed and consumed.

Advanced Schedule Optimization

Define additional manufacturing schedule optimization rules to minimizing changeover times, account for preferred sequencing, and campaigning.

Assembly Process Visualization

Visualize the production process from raw materials through to finished goods and sales orders including material dependencies to help identify where shortages will occur.

BOM Level Planning

Calculate the impact of proposed purchase requirements from asset planning BOMs and export to an ERP system, Excel, etc. for action as needed.

Development Environment

Access and alter the database schema as required to solve specific scheduling problems and create custom data manipulation tools for use with the workflow engine.

Interactive Schedule Viewing

View, search, and interact with schedules to track progress of orders, assess production performance, and provide up to the minute work-to-do lists

Interactive Schedule Visualization

Display the Master machine Production Schedule as stock and capacity graphs. Easily edit it and visualize the changes reflected in linked plots and grids.

Make-To-Order Planning

Evaluate effects of future demand changes and quickly assess if it is possible to meet new requirements of your manufacturing operation.

Make-to-Stock Planning

Generate accurate and achievable master production schedules (MPS) considering rough cut capacity, pack forward figures, target days of stock cover, manufacturing preferences, minimum and maximum re-order quantities, re-order multiples and product shelf life. Production capacity can be specified as a quantity, duration or weight. By using the Preactor calendar system capacity, production capacity can be varied over time. The capacity available then limits the production volume created in each period.

Operations & Detailed Scheduling

Implement closed-loop scheduling between the production planning and MES systems with detailed scheduling based on business rule sand on real-time information about equipment status and capabilities.

Order Based Multi-Constraint Scheduling

Create order based manufacturing schedules and apply rankings or weightings to prioritize the orders. Base schedules on availability of resources, additional constraints, and the materials required.

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