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Material Management for PCB Assembly

Material Management enables a lean flow of materials between the warehouse and shop-floor. It helps the factory reduce inventory and waste by optimizing usage for higher turnover and removing excess material from the shop-floor.

Material Management enables paperless, data-driven manufacturing. It allows full automation of material delivery between workstations and integrated manufacturing analytics for materials supply. Material Management makes it easy to comply with customer requirements by generating automated traceability reports and to compare quality between material suppliers.

It eliminates inventory buffers and guesswork by using tight machine integration and precise inventory management. With Material Management, the actual number of parts on every carrier remains constantly accurate because the system automatically keeps track of actual parts used in process. Its advanced JIT technology anticipates order completion, feeder exhaust points, upcoming changeovers, and supports operational constraints, eliminating bottlenecks, and unexpected delays.

Material management inside the factory occurs in different places and levels, requiring different types of support to keep track of your inventory efficiently. Valor Material Management provides a flexible solution to address the factory’s specific production needs, significantly reducing inventory and ensuring a smooth manufacturing flow.

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