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Integrated Electrical Systems in Automotive

Automotive leaders are promising vehicles with complex capabilities that challenge the architecture and overall system design of a vehicle in unprecedented ways. As vehicle requirements increase for electrical systems and harnesses, the industry is battling against ever-increasing costs, weight, and system complexity. The Mentor solution addresses these challenges with a comprehensive suite of tools delivering unparalleled levels of automation, data coherency, and integrations across the enterprise.

Mentor delivers a powerful electrical systems solution

  • Generative design tools enables correct-by-construction and optimized wiring

  • Deep integration with adjacent disciplines provides insight on system design impact

Validated harness models and a digitalized manufacturing process

  • Automates, integrates and enables multi-domain system engineering

  • Speeds harness manufacturing, produce reports, drawings and data


Model-based network design and validation

  • Take advantage of advanced timing analysis to optimize network designs

  • Design automation to rapidly produce verified network design

  • Integrate network and software component architectures

ECU implementation in an integrated EE system platform flow

  • Virtual integration and validation platform testing for MIL, SIL, and HIL

  • Adaptive AUTOSAR and Classic AUTOSAR 4.x standards support

  • Security and ISO 26262 ASIL D safety solutions


Capital’s Key Principles to Deliver the Electrical Model Based Enterprise

  • Data Coherency
    All life cycle stages work with correct, synchronized & managed data

  • Built To Integrate
    An unbroken thread of managed data between adjacent disciplines

  • Advanced Automation
    Use model based principles to automate complex tasks & verify result

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