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Contract Manufacturing / Electronics Manufacturing Services
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Managing the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) / electronics manufacturing services (EMS) relationship includes receiving and analysing specifications and managing design information and changes, providing accurate and competitive bids with estimates of cost and production times, managing design information and changes, collaborating across the entire life of the product, managing internal and external production factors, and in the case of an original design manufacturer (ODM) supplier, delivering a robust design environment that can map customer requirements and specifications to a successful product design.

Production ramp up time, pricing pressures, customer changes, technology changes, global markets and supply chains are some of the top issues EMS providers today. Whether your OEM customer is a consumer or an industrial electronics company, or your company provides full design and logistical services as an ODM, product lifecycles continue to shrink, which means bringing increasingly complex products to global markets entails more effort and risk than ever before.  

How do you address these pressures? How do you manage product content and collaborate with all stakeholders to reduce the risk, time and cost, while improving quality and aligning products to meet customer demands? Planning, designing, manufacturing and servicing products must be managed in unison to provide products that not only work, but also meet customer needs, hit price points and align with regulatory requirements.  

Our solutions provide EMS providers with the capabilities to create an optimized production environment to meet the increasingly complex product needs of their OEM customers. EMS leaders must utilize production resources efficiently to support the needs of multiple customers and products, be responsive to changes in the marketplace and compliant with a variety of global regulations and directives that can mean the difference between a product being a success or failure.  

Siemens Opcenter Electronics solutions also provide a single source of truth to manage design information for multiple products across all of your OEM customers, and the mapping of that information to the production information within your plants. Supplier information is also managed to ensure components adhere to all OEM customer requirements and specifica- tions, while allowing you to optimize vendor components across products and customers.  

Siemens Opcenter Electronics solutions issues and tracks work orders, but also goes the extra step of including the information needed for manufacturing (design files, drawings and bills of material), which can be used to access from the other applications. The Siemens solutions deliver information electronically to manufacturing engineers and shop floor personnel, eliminating the labour that used to be required.  

Short product lifecycles, seasonal demand fluctuations, intense competition and increased end user customization allow little time for developing optimal manufacturing processes. This complexity is further compounded by the fact that EMS providers need to cope with multiple live products at any given time. Designing and validating the new product introduction (NPI) process offline allows full use of manufacturing resources, whether for high-mix or high-volume scenarios, resulting in maximum uptime and achieving highest throughput from time of production launch. The process is inherently flexible as users are able to select specific lines or manufacturing sites based on simulation results in the process plan.  

This flexibility also enables EMS providers to cope with severe volatility in the form of fluctuations in job orders, sudden schedule changes and increased production mix.  

Whether you operate as a pure EMS or an end-to-end ODM provider, we offer a fully unified suite of solutions to improve the efficiency and profitability of your organization, and can facilitate the effective collaboration between you and your customers.  

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