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Modern electrical/electronic systems are characterized by a huge growth in complexity and depend on integrated electrical, electronic, and software systems for innovation, while demanding robust verification and traceability. Many industries suffer from outdated, disconnected, and siloed product development methods. Companies are looking for new product development processes and tools that enable them to blur these boundaries across domains and through the product life cycle. To address these challenges Siemens has developed Capital, a comprehensive electrical/electronic systems development solution to efficiently engineer today's smart products. It covers the design, manufacture, and service of electrical systems as well as encompassing electrical/electronic system and software architectures, network communications, and embedded software development.


Capital Define tools help optimize electrical and electronic architectures against targets such as cost, weight, and network bandwidth. As architectural decisions have significant long term product impacts, being able to rapidly design, iterate and optimize as early as possible in the development process leads to significant benefits all through the subsequent stages of bringing complex products to market.

Mentor’s system and functional definition tools in the Capital toolchain provides significant benefits:

  • Reduced overall design time through rapid iteration and optimization of architectural concepts

  • Intuitive tools increase engineering productivity

  • Drive complex platform designs from multi-domain systems architecture and functional definitions supporting embedded software, networks, electrical and electronics


Maximize the efficiency of system design & integration, resulting in a step change in final product quality. Capital Design spans logical and wiring systems capture, and their integration into a platform. Capital Design supports both traditional interactive design and state-of-the-art generative design enabling best-in-class efficiency and quality. At all stages designs can be assessed for their efficacy and validated against requirements ensuring you deliver the best products possible. 

  • Author logical and physical connectivity in a single environment

  • Augment traditional interactive design with an integrated view of the platform to guide engineers as they make the best decisions possible

  • Use generative design to automatically synthesize all wiring implementations for all configurations of the platform 


Capital Produce delivers an optimized digital twin comprising a validated harness model and a digitalized manufacturing process. Leveraging these can transform a company’s engineering, costing & manufacturing performance and ultimately boost profits.

Capital delivers:

  • Complete, accurate, validated harness designs for all required harness configurations

  • Data reuse, e.g. via multiple, individually styled diagrams of the same harness model

  • Best-in-class capability for sub-assembly (production module) and formboard design

  • Rules-based synthesis of labor calculations and the full manufacturing bill of process

  • Automatically generated, highly graphical work instructions for every step of the process

  • Reduced response times to new or changed designs via automation & a continuous digital thread


Capital Maintain tools reduce the cost and improve accuracy of publications by automating the creation of interactive documentation directly from engineering data.

  • Accelerate service publication cycles by up to 80% through reuse of design data, and automation of tasks such as wiring diagram repartitioning, graphical styling

  • Increase technician efficiency by up to 40% using a vehicle-specific, 3D-enabled, interactive environment

  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing repeat repairs through targeted diagnosis of problems, and methodical verification of the fix

  • Reduce overhead of translation management through a smart multi-lingual documentation package

  • Streamline the integration into service portals through a web-based application with a modern user interface


Capital is a data centric suite delivering benefits such as managed supplier data exchange, data re-purposing, and process control. Capabilities such as user, library, and release management are inherent to all Capital products.

  • Integrate with common MCAD and PLM platforms, creating a digital thread with these adjacent applications

  • An API enables the creation of forward-compatible extensions such as custom checks or rule decks, using Java or Javascript plug-ins

  • Library and design data can be automatically synchronized between multiple databases, and IT health monitoring ensures data integrity


New technologies require more complex network topologies to manage a significantly higher data throughput with stringent constraints on timing. The changes require an integrated, whole system approach for network architectures.

Using the Capital solutions, a model-based design and verification approach can accelerate implementation, guarantee delivery, and improve quality.

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