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The revolution in modern transportation systems is one of the most critical business and societal changes we’re experiencing. Urbanization, global environmental impact and government regulations are accelerating the demand for alternative transportation systems such as electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles, resulting in more reliance on next generation electronics to meet the challenges of the future. 


This disruption is driving the need for advanced digitalisation manufacturing technologies to create the electronics needed for modern transportation systems. Developing the most sophisticated, reliable, durable, high quality electronics is pivotal, which is putting electronic manufacturers under great pressure. 


To address these challenges, electronic systems are being designed and simulated in a digital twin environment before a physical product is created. By transforming conventional manufacturing with digitalization, manufacturers can eliminate physical prototypes and disconnected systems, paper-based work instructions and silos of information which are essential to accelerate electronic systems product development. 


We provide the most widely used solutions to address the critical needs of electronics manufacturers in the automotive industry. 

Automotive leaders are promising vehicles with complex capabilities that challenge the architecture and overall system design of a vehicle in unprecedented ways. As vehicle requirements increase for electrical systems and harnesses, the industry is battling against ever-increasing costs, weight, and system complexity.

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