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A suite of cloud apps that amplify the power of PADS Professional, seamlessly connecting the engineer's desktop with the component and partner ecosystem they rely on to develop innovative products.


PartQuest Portal Part Search & Creation

PartQuest Portal provides the building blocks needed to design new products fast. Search for electronic components from an ever-expanding catalog of billions of parts, download pre-made ECAD library model content, and create custom symbols and footprints using wizard-based part builder templates.


PartQuest Portal- Supply Chain

The Supply Chain application, powered by SupplyFrame, empowers engineers with real-time component sourcing data to make more informed part decisions when cost-of-change is lowest. Fully integrated with Xpedition Designer and PADS Professional Designer.


PartQuest Explore Circuit Simulation

PartQuest Explore is a complete design, modeling, simulation, and analysis environment for electronic and mechatronic circuits and systems. Full coverage for analog, digital, mixed-signal and multi-domain systems including electro-mechanical and electro-thermal. SPICE and VHDL-AMS models supported.


Connect for PADS Professional

Go beyond your desktop work environment and seamlessly collaborate with teammates worldwide via design data management, BOM management, and team sharing, visualization, and markup.

pcb flow.PNG


Accelerate the design-to-manufacturing handoff process by connecting designers directly with manufacturers. Run PCB DFM analysis using the updated constraints for a specific manufacturer during the early stages of the design process, reducing design iterations, costs and ‎time-to-market.

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