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Siemens Opcenter Execution Electronics is a full digital manufacturing operations management solution for the electronics industry. It addresses PCB, mechanical assembly and box-build production. The solution, based on direct connectivity to machines and production lines, includes manufacturing execution, quality management, material management and manufacturing intelligence.

Opcenter Execution Electronics integrates the Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio and expands the digital thread throughout the entire design to manufacturing flow. Electronics manufacturers can change and reconfigure manufacturing and quality processes at the speed required to meet increased customer demand, address quality requirements and realise faster NPI and time to market; improving their ability to compete in a rapidly changing, consumer-driven marketplace.

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Data Analytics for Electronics Manufacturing

Opcenter Intelligence Electronics is designed specifically for PCB manufacturing and assembly, providing PCB manufacturing executives, line managers, and manufacturing engineers with crucial information needed to deliver quality products on time.

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Electronics Shop Floor Data Acquisition and Normalisation

Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT enables manufacturing insights by providing access to data from all machines and processes on the shop-floor. It maximizes data flow efficiency through automatic neutralization
of all acquired data from the shop-floor.

Opcenter Execution Electronics data collection and acquisition capabilities enable you to obtain operational production data that is associated with production equipment and processes.

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Document Control

Opcenter Execution Electronics document control solution provides the ability to control records and forms that are maintained with the production unit. The records and forms include work instructions, recipes, drawings, standard operating procedures, part programs, batch records, engineering change notices, shift-to-shift communication, as well as the ability to edit “as planned” and “as built” information

Labour Management

Labour Management capabilities provide the status of personnel and may include time and attendance reporting, certification tracking, as well as the ability to track production support functions performed by personnel. It automatically ensures that only qualified employees perform prescribed shop-floor and quality functions. Real-time verification fully supports regulatory and quality systems compliance. Operator Training and Certification enables you to establish manufacturing roles, define training requirements for various roles and process certification requirements, maintain training records and establish certification expirations.

Maintenance Operations Management

With Maintenance Management capabilities, you can track resource usage based on elapsed and usage time and production quantities; and, based on predefined limits, ensure that production does not outpace maintenance requirements. Maintenance Management provides visibility into resource issues and a detailed history of all activities. With this level of visibility, it is possible to determine true performance values for equipment.

Material Management for PCB Assembly

Material Management enables a Lean flow of materials between the warehouse and shop-floor. It helps the factory reduce inventory and waste by optimizing usage for higher turnover and removing excess material from the shop-floor.

Opcenter Execution Electronics provides the ability to manage and track the movement and storage of materials, in-process items, and finished products, as well as the transfers between and within work centers.

Material & Process Traceability

Material & Process Traceability provides the materials history needed to minimize liability and comply with customer traceability requirements.

The traceability record includes data from all assembly work-cells (automated and manual) and captures additional information including the operator working at the time, and the program running on the equipment.

Material Verification 

Material Management enables a lean flow of materials between the warehouse and shop-floor. It helps the factory reduce inventory and waste by optimising usage for higher turnover and removing excess material from the shop-floor.

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Process Management

Opcenter Execution Electronics solutions monitor production processes and provide decision support to operators for correcting and improving in-process functions. These functions may be intra-operational and focus specifically on machines or equipment being monitored and controlled within a single operation, as well as tracking a production process from one operation to the next.

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Resource Allocation & Control

Opcenter Execution Electronics solutions enable you to manage all relevant resources related to manufacturing operations. These resources include machines, tools, labour skills, materials, procedures and many other entities that are required to configure your operational model.

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Production Tracking

Production tracking capabilities provide the status of production and the disposition of work. Status information may include personnel assigned to the work; component materials used in production; current production conditions; and any alarms, rework, or other exceptions related to the product. The functionality includes the capability to record the production information allowing forward and backward traceability of components and their use within each end product.

MOM_MES_640x360_Quality Operations Manag
Quality Operations Management

Opcenter Execution Electronics solutions Ensure end-to-end quality management across your manufacturing process and enable you to focus on prevention,  streamline compliance and reduce the cost of quality

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