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Industrial & Consumer Electronics

Electronics companies need pre-configured software solutions based on industry best practices to achieve excellence in new product development and introduction. 


By shortening innovation and development cycles, enabling collaboration across and through supply chains and creating a closed loop, intelligent and integrated manufacturing environment, our solutions allow companies to leverage data across multiple domains, improving quality and profitability while reducing time-to-market and costs. 


Smart manufacturing enables electronics companies to address the challenges of modern manufacturing. Siemens solutions eliminate physical prototypes, disconnected systems, paper-based work instructions, and silos of information and enable a continuous flow from design to production, and beyond, driving more efficient manufacturing processes across individual sites as well as global enterprises. 


CDT in partnership with Siemens Digital Industries can provide solutions with capabilities to connect and streamline all processes from customer desire, engineering, production all the way through to service.  


By providing a higher level of flow automation through digitalisation, businesses can break the silos between the different process domains and unite all the domains required to engineer, manufacture, and deliver today’s smart products.  


Smart manufacturing is a digitalised strategy that encompasses the entire process, from PCB design and factory floor optimization to incorporating customer feedback in new designs. This approach dramatically reduces time-to-market and shrinks development costs by enabling better planning, faster validation of production alternatives, and increasing the effectiveness and the performance of manufacturing operations. By bridging the gap between the design and manufacturing environments and enabling collaboration through open, intelligent data exchange formats, Siemens provides some of the most comprehensive, seamless capabilities available to the electronics industry today. 

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