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Electronics Shop-Floor Data Acquisition & Normalization
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Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT gathers live information from every process and machine on the shop-floor. The platform includes intuitive interfaces to work with SMT, test, and inspection machines, and provides easy connection to every machine on the shop-floor regardless of the machine type, vendor, or protocol. Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT provides an informative view of the equipment, line, and the entire factory. It helps to meet industry standards and customer compliance demands by collecting accurate, real-time data at the machine level.

Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT normalizes and enriches the collected data into a single standardized specification, ODB++Manufacturing (previously known as OML). Using the ODB++Manufacturing software development kit (SDK) provided with the Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT solution, real-time manufacturing data in ODB++Manufacturing format can be used by company in-house applications and third-party solutions to create a full data flow between the shop-floor and enterprise systems.

Complete shop-floor connectivity is needed to achieve Industry 4.0. Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT collects real-time data from the equipment on the factory floor and communicates that data with other machines and software systems throughout the factory. Accurate and complete data collection is the foundation for a digital factory and holistic manufacturing.

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