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Data Analytics for Electronics Manufacturing
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Opcenter Intelligence Electronics is designed specifically for PCB manufacturing and assembly, providing PCB manufacturing executives, line managers, and manufacturing engineers with crucial information needed to deliver quality products on time. With Opcenter Intelligence Electronics, waste can be eliminated, while quickly and intuitively improving asset utilization, first-pass yield, and defects per million opportunities (DPMO) . It starts by providing access to rich data sources from the Valor shop-floor modules and then combines data for high-value intelligence, using tight integration with other Valor solutions deployed in the factory.

Opcenter Intelligence Electronics improves asset management with accurate, real-time utilization and OEE. It helps to capture and investigate complete material and process traceability data for PCBs and assemblies by taking advantage of big-data and high-availability data storage. It supports optimization of operations and labor by measuring and analyzing how resources are spent, while tracking WIP in real-time. It ensures quality and drives improvement by identifying and analyzing process defects and material and process failures, increasing design-to-manufacturing efficiency by detecting factors affecting yield and identifying areas for improvement.

Opcenter Intelligence Electronics addresses the issues of compliance for traceability regulation and quality assurance, provides analysis to improve yield, optimizes for Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, and enables predictive maintenance. With Opcenter Intelligence Electronics, you can leverage data to optimize your productivity and become a best-in-class manufacturer.

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