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Today, it is possible to predict the reliability and safety characteristics of a given system or product, determine the most vulnerable parts, calculate operational costs during its lifecycle, and eventually take all necessary measures, improve the design, and cut the overall costs. There are a series of reliability analysis tools that achieve this.


At this point, the MADe solution provides a different approach to reliability and its corresponding analyses. Functional modeling describes the overall system (subsystem) or product differently with a desired level of detail (either modeling a component as a whole or drilling down to smaller parts that constitute this component). Once modeling and interrelationships between the blocks are done, all modern types of analyses (reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, criticality, etc.) are performed during the system's design phase.


This gives rise to determining the most critical parts, the overall reliability, availability of the system, and time-variant operational costs by using mission profiles prepared under the intended use of this system or product. It also automatically helps users generate hundreds of pages of detailed analysis reports. Furthermore, it collects data from the field (when the system is in use). It uses it for future system (or product) improvements.


MADe can concurrently analyze multidisciplinary systems (electronics, mechanics, hydraulics, thermal, etc.). It is also integrated into Siemens PLM solution, TeamCenter.


In this web seminar, the audience will be introduced to the system modeling concept, error injection and simulation, reliability & criticality analyses, report generation, and other general functionalities of the MADe solution.

DATE: September 21th 2023

PRESENTER: Erdal Öztürk

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