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Electronic Design Automation

The pace of innovation in electronics is constantly accelerating. To enable our customers to deliver life-changing innovations to the world faster and to become market leaders, we are committed to delivering the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of electronic design automation (EDA) software, hardware, and services.

PCB Design & Verification 

The electronics industry is fast approaching a new era of digital transformation. Digital technologies bring together all the aspects of product design, including mechanical and electronics, and streamline the entire design process — from product inception through to manufacturing.

PCB design.jpg
IC Design & Verification 
  • Efficiently create the world’s most advanced integrated circuits (ICs)

  • Create ICs with the optimal balance of power, performance, area, and functionality

  • Verify at all levels - from C++ prototype to silicon test to digital twin

  • Meet security, functional safety, and silicon lifecycle requirements

  • Deliver coverage, signoff, and higher yield faster with AI-powered EDA tools

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