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Xpedition Enterprise

Xpedition Enterprise is the industry’s most innovative PCB design flow, providing integration from system design definition to manufacturing execution. Its unique technologies can reduce design cycles by 50 percent or more while significantly improving overall quality and resource efficiency.

Multi-Discipline Systems Engineering

Xpedition delivers integration, collaboration, and co-design systems between IC packaging, multi-board, RF, harness, FPGA, and MCAD to ensure the flexibility and intuitive technologies you need.

Concurrent Design

Xpedition supports multi-user, multi-site tool, and flow-based concurrent engineering throughout the product development process, dramatically reducing design cycles and improving product quality.

Process Automation

Xpedition combines ease-of-use with highly automated functionality to offer PCB designers industry-leading advanced technologies to create today’s most complex designs.

Design Data Integrity

Xpedition engineering data management facilitates creation and management of engineering component library, and design data to ensure quality, integrity, and security throughout product development.

Design Verification

Xpedition verification during design ensures zero-spin products. Optimize products for performance and manufacturability, ensuring product quality, and reducing design errors and rework.

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