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Questa Formal Verification Apps

Questa Formal Verification Apps boost verification efficiency and design quality by exhaustively addressing verification tasks which are difficult to complete with traditional methods, yet don’t require formal or assertion-based verification experience.

Questa AutoCheck

A fully-automatic formal bug hunting app that finds bugs due to common RTL coding errors, AutoCheck makes it possible to eliminate a wide range of bugs with low effort.

Questa Covercheck

Questa CoverCheck is an automatic formal solution for achieving code coverage closure faster, that addresses an incontrovertible fact of verification: some fraction of uncovered code always remains.

Questa Connectivity Check

The Questa Connectivity Check app is a fully automated solution for exhaustively verifying static and dynamic connectivity without requiring knowledge of formal or property specification languages.

Questa Formal Assertion Library

A Formal Assertion Library improves quality and reduces schedules by building protocol and methodology expertise into packages of reusable assertions that support popular industry-standard interfaces.

Questa Post-Silicon Debug

The Questa Post Silicon Debug app leverages formal analysis and property synthesis to rapidly root cause bugs in logic deep within an SoC and prove fixes will not break anything else.

Questa Property Checking

PropCheck exhaustively discovers any design errors that can occur, without needing specific stimulus to detect the bug. This ensures that the verified design is bug-free in all legal input scenarios.

Questa SLEC

Questa SLEC automatically compares specification RTL and implementation RTL code blocks using exhaustive formal analysis. No knowledge of formal or property specification languages is required.

Questa Register Check

Questa Register Check app automates exhaustive verification of control&status register behavior against CSV or IP-XACT register specification.

Questa Secure Check

The Questa Secure Check app is a fully automated solution for exhaustively verifying that only the paths you specify can reach security or safety-critical storage elements.

Questa X-Check

Questa X-Check is an automated application that uses formal algorithms under-the-hood to exhaustively root out ‘X’ issues; but you don’t need to know Formal to use it.

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