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Supports Flexible Mixed-Signal Verification Methodology

  • Event-driven verification models that are simulated directly in a high-speed for the fastest possible simulation

  • Continuous time AMS verification models for analog applications where high accuracy is necessary

  • Co-simulation between the digital RTL description and the analog SPICE design

Digital Verification for AMS

  • SystemVerilog and UVM with mixed-signal extensions

  • Effective functional verification in presence of analog signals

  • Fast event-driven and real number verification modeling

  • Accurate AMS verification modeling

  • SVA applied to analog signals

  • Familiar Questa debugging environment


Analog Design and Verification for AMS

  • Analog testbenches applied to mixed-signal designs

  • Effective corner analysis in presence of digital signals

  • Familiar EZwave waveform display

  • Visual debugging of current contributions

Questa ADMS

Works exclusively with Eldo to extend Questa Verification Platform to analog and mixed-signal, providing a comprehensive environment for verifying complex AMS SoCs.

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