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PADS Professional is an affordable, intelligent, and integrated PCB design and verification flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups that delivers compatibility with Xpedition technology and extended collaboration for PCB engineering projects.

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Electro-Mechanical Co-design

PADS Professional enables PCB and mechanical engineers to collaborate in real-time built on world-class collaboration data transfer standards that eliminate boundaries and accelerate time-to-market.

Routing Automation

Routing automation reduces PCB layout by up to 80%. With electronics design becoming more complex, automation is a major competitive advantage for experienced designers and engineers who “do-it-all”.


From flex/rigid-flex operations that understand unique structures, constraints, plane management, materials, and stack-ups, PADS Professional has the features to support flex/rigid-flex design.

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Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation

Proper design practices and close attention to detail are essential for accurate functionality in analog mixed-signal (AMS) portions of your PCBs.

Signal Integrity Analysis

Ensure that you are getting designs right the first time, avoiding costly overdesign, and saving recurrent test cycles with built-in HyperLynx signal integrity analysis in PADS Professional.

DDR Design

Efficient DDR design can help you meet the demand for swift product development and reduced operating costs as DDR memory is quickly becoming the standard for SoC applications.

RF Design

RF design is being driven by a growth in electronic devices using 6 to 100 GHz wireless technology, requiring access to PCB design tools to enable wireless design automation.

PartQuest Portal - Part Search & Creation Made Simple

Empowers engineers to find the highest quality part content with validated and maintained ECAD models of tens of millions of parts. Powerful templates make part building easy for even complex parts.

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Connect for PADS Professional

Connect for PADS Professional is a secure cloud workspace empowering design team collaboration. With desktop integration, design data is organized for sharing, visualization, BOM review, and more.

Explore PADS Professional with Our Cloud-Enabled Trial

Explore PADS® Professional with our cloud-enabled trial. Create a design from start to finish, and see how easy it is to use its advanced technology including rigid-flex design, RF design, and advanced routing, including HDI and area rules, to help get your job done faster!

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