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HyperLynx combines ease of use with automated workflows to make high-speed design analysis accessible to mainstream system designers. This allows problems to be identified and resolved early in the design cycle. HyperLynx works with multiple PCB tools and is an ideal addition to any PCB design flow.

The HyperLynx family assembles a complete analysis flow that combines best-practice design rule checking with comprehensive signal and power integrity simulation. Integrated 3D EM solvers create highly accurate interconnect models.

HyperLynx SI

Evaluate design tradeoffs with pre-layout analysis and validate designs prior to fab with post-layout analysis. Supports SerDes channels, DDRx memory interfaces, and general-purpose signal integrity.

HyperLynx PI

Design and validate a board’s power-delivery network (PDN) to meet impedance goals in an easy-to-use, “what-if” environment and optimize designs for cost and performance.

HyperLynx Advanced Solvers

Integrated high-accuracy, high-capacity 3D electromagnetic simulation—full wave, quasi static, and hybrid solvers—with a common graphical interface for design editing and case management.

HyperLynx DRC

Fast, rules-based electrical design verification for PCB designers, system designers, and SI/PI/EMC experts, regardless of their layout tool or level of domain expertise

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