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Calibre Circuit Verification

Calibre circuit verification accurately and efficiently addresses functional yield challenges in today's IC designs. The industry-leading Calibre nmLVS tool ensures accurate circuit behavior with precise device parameters, while parasitic extraction tools provide the accurate and high-performance extraction required for all design styles. Reliability verification complements this toolsuite.

Calibre nmLVS

The Calibre nmLVS platform delivers high performance layout vs. schematic verification, electrical rule checking, and advanced parameter calculation to validate circuit integrity and accuracy.

Calibre xACT

The Calibre xACT tool delivers reference-level accuracy for leading-edge FinFET, custom, analog, and RF designs, with performance and capacity for multi-million instance digital designs.

Calibre xACT 3D

The Calibre xACT 3D tool features a 3D field solver modeling engine built on advanced software algorithms to accurately calculate parasitic effects at the transistor level.

Calibre xRC

The Calibre xRC parasitic extraction tool delivers accurate parasitic data for comprehensive and accurate post-layout analysis and simulation. Foundry-qualified for practically every process and node.

Calibre PERC

The Calibre PERC platform is the industry leader for reliability verification solutions, enabling a vast range of IC circuit reliability checks not possible with traditional verification tools.

Calibre xL

The Calibre xL tool delivers fast, accurate full-chip frequency-dependent loop inductance and loop resistance extraction that highly correlates with field solvers and provides silicon-tested accuracy.

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